Skincare and the Importance of it to cosplayers.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

As cosplayers we put our skin through a lot. We stress as we do the con crunch, sometimes hours leading up to an event. We travel, sleep in hotels, and apply a lot of makeup over the next 3 days for a convention.

Our eating and sleeping habits change, and we spend more time outdoors walking to and from convention centers and hotels. Needless to say, your skin takes quite a beating for the sake of the craft!

One of our goals here at Cosplay Beauty is to help educate the Cosplay Community about he importance of good skincare. You should be regularly taking care of your skin both before, during, and after a con. And if you don't have a skincare routine we highly encourage cosplayers to being one!

Why skincare is so important:

Over time our skin ages, that's just how it goes. We get older and so does our skin. But the needs our skin has also changes. Drinking lots of water will help your skin, but only goes so far. You need to make sure you have a skincare routine that will help to cleanse your skin as well as repair it.

In a days time (even without the use of makeup) your skin will soak in the environment around you. Cleansing your face at least once a day will help to remove any bacteria and help cleanse your pores. Clogged pores may lead to acne or irritated skin (red patches), so having a good cleanser that can help remove dirt and bacteria is important.

A good cleanser is a great start, but your skin needs more. In order to help it look healthy and remain younger looking you will need to consider adding products such as HA Serum or daily moisturizer, to put back into your skin the healthy ingredients it needs. Exfoliating your skin will also help, but these are all options you can look into to help take care of your skin now and keep it looking younger and healthier.

Here are some myths about skincare and cosplay for you to look over. We hope that even if you don't choose our products that you will look into skincare more and find a brand you can try and begin your skincare routine today!

Myth #1. Cosplay is expensive, and so is skincare.

Cosplay does have to be expensive. It can be, yes. As a fellow cosplayer I have spent more time and money on cosplay and the products that go along with making it (including travel items/makeup) than I care to admit. But we adapt, and we learn how to budget for our love of cosplay!

Skincare should be no different. You can find a lot of the products we sell in your favorite local drugstore or department store, or even online. But our prices are competitive and budget friendly, which was important to us when starting our small business.

We wanted to provide high quality products at a lower cost to you, the cosplayer. You may research other Exfoliating Masks and HA Serums and see that in most cases our prices are lower, but don't think for a second that means cheap ingredients! We work closely with our US based manufacture in providing high quality products tailored to fit your needs. It was important that our products be Cruelty Free, and contain as much Organic materials as possible.

Please Google HA Serum and you'll see just as an example how our prices were adjusted to fit the cosplayer budget friendly lifestyle :)

Myth #2. You should exfoliate every day to have healthy skin.

We encourage anyone who is exfoliating every day to stop, and instead switch to every other day or every 3 days. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove dead cells from the top layer of the skin, and to put the product into the lower layers to help promote healthier skin.

When you remove a layer every day by exfoliating you are damaging your skin overtime, as you are not giving it the chance it needs to do it's thing. With our Exfoliating mask we recommend once every 2-3 days, or once a week as needed.

Myth #3. Expired product is okay to use, so long as it remains unopened.

Please don't use expired products on your skin! This goes along with makeup as well. Products contain various ingredients that over time may not be as effective or that could cause irritation to your skin. All of our products have a shelf life of two years (2020 products are good until May 2022), and we encourage you to check all your current skincare products and makeup for expiration dates.

Taking care of your skin starts with this simple step. If it's old, toss it out!

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