Frequently asked questions

Are these products your own formula or is this just a label you made for an existing product from a registered facility?

These products contain a base formula with changes by us through our supplier. Our formula uses as many organic ingredients versus conventional ingredients as possible. We removed all cruelty based ingredients. We removed fillers to make our product more potent than others on the market. Lastly, we product tested our formulas to make sure they can handle the needs of the most intense cosplayers. Separately, most of our products are fragrance free because added fragrance often contributes to skin irritation that we have noticed ourselves and from others with sensitive skin conditions.

Why should I buy Cosplay Beauty over other established products?

We are cosplayers ourselves and we know the grueling routines cosplayers go through. Cosplay Beauty is specially formulated to help with the extreme needs of cosplayers that typical established products aren't intended for.

Are the products cruelty free?

Yes! Our products are cruelty free. This is very important to us, which is why we they come from an FDA registered facility in the USA. We are happy so many others find this important as well and share the same mindset!
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What products are vegan?

Our HA Serum and Sensitive Cleanser are both vegan.

How long does an order take to arrive?

We mostly ship same day or with a few on the next business day when we receive an order. Average shipping to Chicago IL is 3 days, where places such as Califronia and Texas average 4-5 days to arrive. Due to COVID-19 the post office is slower than normal, so these averages may vary. We ship our products out USPS unless otherwise stated in your email confirmation. Track your order here.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we do! You can order from around the world from both our website and Ebay listing!